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Lambda Touch Tronic

The smart way.


Lean back and enjoy – your heating system controls for you!

Hargassner’s Lambda Touch Tronic is characterized through a self-explanatory display and ultimate ease of operation.The whole heating system, starting with the combustion to the accumulator tanks, heating circuits and hot water tanks, is controlled. The system operates based on outside weather conditions and is therefore able to perform in the optimum heating output range. This saves energy and heating fuel!


Lambda Touch Tronic   

Hargassner Controls (1)

Boiler prior commissioning:The display of the Lambda-Touch-Tronic shows an unheated pellet boiler. The accumulator and the hot water tank are cold.

Biomass Contol System

Boiler full load:The display shows a boiler in operation. The accumulator and the hot water tank are being loaded and are already increasing temperature. The heating circuit pumps are on. 

Biomass Boiler Controls (3)

Boiler partial load:The boiler runs on half of its nominal heating output. The accumulator and hot water tank are completely loaded. The heating circuit pumps are on.