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Hargassner Wood Pellet Boilers 6kW-225kW


Eco Pk

The advantages

  1. Highest Efficiency – tested and certified!
  2. Pellets Low temperatur boiler: Down to 38°C 
    (Range: 38 to 80°C, HSV 9-22 kW)
  3. Fully factory-lined combustion chamber for high-temperature combustion
  4. Lambda Sensor with fuel-quality detection
  5. Automatic ash level indication
  6. Best ease of use through SMS module
  7. Superb Factory-Service for Hargassner customers
  8. Extended warranty


Wood Pellet Boiler Advantages (1)

  1. Fully refractory-lined combustion chamber
  2. Sliding grate
  3. Drive motor for sliding grate
  4. Secondary air flow
  5. High temperature resistant insulation plates
  6. Primary air
  7. Ash box
  8. Automatic ignition
  9. Stoker auger
  10. Circulation zone
  11. Boiler heat exchanger
  12. Turbulators
  13. Automatic boiler cleaning system
  14. Induced draught fan
  15. Cover insulation
  16. Pellets vacuum turbine
  17. Closed vacuum system, maintenance-free, no filter
  18. Level detector
  19. Cyclone hopper
  20. NEW: Double rotary valve
  21. Motor drive unit
  22. Lambda sensor



Energy-saving -Operation

Speed-controlled EC-exhaust fan with negative pressure monitoring Hargassner use at the ECO-PK the energy-efficient EC-exhaust fans . The main advantage of this GreenTech EC-technology is the significantly higher efficiency rate of up to 90%. This saves energy and also electricity costs. The negative-pressure unit constantly measures the pressure conditions in the combustion chamber. The Lambda-Touchtronic uses this data to control the speed of the draught fan, thus keeping the negative pressure at an ideal level. This concept ensures combustion with minimal exhaust gas temperatures and therefore maximum efficiency.

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Pellet New Cover




ECO PK VorneECO_PK_Seite

01 New grate system "Double-rotary step grate"

02 Firebed levelling

03 Heat exchanger cleaning (also in 1. draught)

04 Ash suction system for longer maintenance intervals, optionally

05 New ignition: 300 W, without fan

06 Innovative integrated Touch-control

07 Exhaust fan (EC-motor) with negative

pressure monitoring

08 Recirculation - standard

09 Optional: Integrated back end protection

10 Patented ash extraction for fly- and grate ash

11 No thermal discharge safety device necessary

12 Combustion chamber fully integrated in heat exchanger

13 Flame concentration jets out of highend steel cast

14 Cyclone-Pellet-Storage

15 Closed suction system - maintenance- free, without filter

16 Fuel indicator

17 Stoker auger

18 Double-rotary valve with pressure balance

19 Drive unit

20 Pellet-Vacuum turbine

21 Acoustic insulation



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