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Service and Maintenance Package

The Terms & Conditions regarding the Service & Maintanence package.

1. The warranty is limited to 5 years or 9000 full load heat equivalent (FLHE) run hours, whichever comes first. Nominally 1800 FLHE run hours per year. On extended warranties of 7 or 10 years this run hours are also extended by 1800 FLHE run hours per year.

2. The required fuel standard stipulated for the boiler shall be evidenced to have been be complied with at all times (see Appendix 1). If there is any evidence of any alternative fuel to that specified (or any waste material) being burnt in a log boiler the warranty shall be invalidated.

3. The required boiler water quality standard shall be evidenced to have been complied with at all times. (see Appendix 2)

4. The warranty period shall commence from the date of the Wood Energy delivery to the customer’s or Registered Installer premises.

5. All faults shall be reported within 7 days.

6. Where a part is supplied under a potential warranty claim, or where a part has been replaced by an Registered Installer themselves in agreement with Hargassner UK Ltd, all part(s) removed shall be returned to Hargassner UK  HQ for investigation within 30 calendar days of the date of supply of the part for replacement.

7. The boiler shall be installed, commissioned, operated and serviced in strict and evidenced accordance with Hargassners instructions and procedures. Maintenance records and receipts must be retained for inspection.

8. The boiler and associated equipment shall be installed in a structurally secure, weatherproof and dry structure.

9. The installed environment in which the boiler and associated equipment is located shall provide the required ventilation rates for combustion and environmental temperature control and be free from possible contamination from aggressive fumes or corrosive atmospheres.

10. The flue design shall comply with all statutory and regulatory requirements and provide the required flue draft and detonation relief for the boiler under all normal and emergency conditions.

11. Commissioning, servicing and operating records/logs shall be kept and provided for inspection in accordance with Wood Energy advised formats.

12. The heating system served by the boiler shall be designed using best industry practice to ensure the safety, longevity and reliability of the boiler, the associated equipment and the heating system itself.

13. The end-user shall be responsible for the operational intervention required to ensure the operational condition of the boiler is maintained.

14. The end-user shall ensure that first level fault and restart attendance and intervention is available for the boiler at all times.

15. Hargassner's liability is limited to the repair or replacement of any parts of the boiler and associated Hargassner UK Ltd  supplied equipment at our sole discretion.

16. This warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of parts proven as defective as a result of a manufacturing fault only.

17. Serviceable wear items are not included in the scope of this warranty. These include all items that are consumed or wear out during the normal running of the boiler. Within the first year (or 1800 FLHE run hours) all components, including wear items will be covered by this warranty.

18. Supply of all associated consumables are not included in the scope of this warranty.

19. Warranty or warranty balance is not transferable to a new end-user owner without the express permission of Wood Energy, which shall not be unreasonably withheld, on the strict condition that all warranty conditions and requirements remain in place.

20. The warranty is invalidated if the end-user, or any third party, attempts or undertakes any intervention, modification, repair or servicing without the express permission of Hargassner UK. Such permission shall not be unreasonably withheld.

21. If a component is replaced within 3 months of the end of the warranty period then that new component will be supplied with a 6 month warranty, subject to the remaining clauses.

22. This warranty shall be invalidated should a fault develop as a result of missing, incorrectly specified or faulty external safety devices.

23. This warranty shall be invalidated should a fault develop as a result of any disruption, disturbance or voltage variation of the electrical supply outside of the regulatory mains electrical supply variation specification.

24. This warranty shall be invalidated if the boiler or associated boiler is continued in operation with a known fault unless such operation is formally agreed with Hargassner UK.

25. This warranty will be suspended by a Force Majeure Event where Wood Energy are prevented from fulfilling its obligations under the terms of this warranty. Hargassner will promptly give notice to the client providing details of the Force Majeure Event and will resume its obligations as soon as practical.

26. Hargassner shall maintain spare parts availability for a minimum of 10 years from date of delivery of the boiler.

27. All warranties shall only be available when an end-user enters into a formal service contract with Hargassner or a nominated Hargassner Registered Installer. In order to qualify for the extended warranty the boiler shall be registered by completing the required extended registration form available on request.

28. Your first point of contact will be the installer of the system. Hargassner UK or their nominated Registered Installer will always attempt to diagnose any faults by phone/email initially and if it is not possible to solve remotely will then arrange for an engineer to attend site. This will be organised as soon as our existing work commitments permit.

29. Replacement parts will be delivered directly to the boiler installation address, Registered Installer address if requested, or brought to site by the attending engineer as applicable. Costs for carriage of replacement parts will be paid for by Hargassner subject to a valid warranty claim being established. In any event suspect parts being returned to Wood Energy for a warranty claim would be returned at the cost of the end-user or Registered Installer.

30. This warranty is only valid within the United Kingdom, is subject to the laws of England and Wales and does not affect your statutory rights.