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Biomass Heating System Design

Larger commercial, new-build and refurbishment M&E projects are serviced directly by our sister company Wood Energy Ltd. For these projects Wood Energy Ltd will provide a free biomass heating consultancy service.

Projects would typically be high temperature and high utilisation and be of a large and complex nature up to 10MWs and would be supported by our own in-house specialist technical engineering team. We have a range of detailed CAD drawings that encompass layout, connectivity and controllability of the boiler/s, Accumulator Tanks, the flue, the pipework and, where appropriate, district heat connections and Building Management Systems. 

Biomass Heating System Design

Fuel options and availability

We supply wood chip, wood pellet and log boilers. Which fuel is the most suitable for you will depend on various factors including local availability, delivery access, space available and project budget. Advising you on fuel suppliers and fuel types is part of the standard design process available from ourselves and our Registered Installation Partners.

Wood pellets are the most consistent and space efficient fuel as they are drier and have a much lower fluctuation in calorific value. However, if you have your own wood chip or a good local supply, and a large fuel storage capability, then wood chip could be the more cost-effective option. Log boilers are not for the feint hearted and require a great deal of intervention.

Probably the single, most important fuel consideration is quality. Fuel with a higher water content will reduce the efficiency of a boiler significantly and, if you ignore the guidelines provided, will potentially reduce its lifespan. 


Smaller commercial and domestic projects are serviced through our Registered Installation Partners.

Registered Installation partners are located throughout the whole of the UK thereby offering a regional and local service. Each Registered Installation Partner has received specialist training from us on boilers and system design and possess a series of standard design layouts that we have developed over many years. They also have access to our technical engineering department for complex design support where required ensuring that each project is comprehensively designed.


Fuel feed systems

Fuel is typically fed into a boiler by an extractor auger which uses either a rotary or hydraulic ram mechanism.
A wood pellet boiler can also be fed by suction pipe. Depending upon boiler size, the suction system activates, typically, once every 24 hours for a few minutes at a time.

In a wood pellet boiler, the pellets pass into an internal hopper; they then drop onto a double rotary valve which meters them onto a feed auger which stokes
the boiler. A wood chip boiler does not have an internal hopper. 

The extractor auger moves the fuel through a burn-back flap and a 3 stage burn back protection system into the boiler, from
where it drops directly onto the feed auger. 



Fuel Feed System

Fuel storage

Suitable storage is integral to the success of any biomass heating project. You need to be able to store a sufficient quantity of fuel in a place that is easily accessible for deliveries. Keeping the fuel dry is critical for both the efficiency and longevity of the boiler and so it is important to consider the whole transfer process, from lorry to store and then on to feed the boiler. Combustible fuels always require consideration and, to avoid over-exposure to any build-up of naturally occurring gas, it is good practice to control access to the fuel store and ensure there is adequate ventilation.


Fuel Storage (2) 

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