Biomass Boilers
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Who We Are


Hargassner UK is a premium brand with a state-of-the-art boiler range.

We are dedicated to the supply of Hargassner boilers and their related ancillaries as well as the technical support of our National Network of Hargassner Registered Installers throughout the UK 


For the sake of our environment

We are proud of more than 30 years of experience and of thousands of satisfied clients. Customer satisfaction combined with environmental friendliness are primary goals of our philosophy and are the main attributes, which determine a successful path into the company’s future.

The Hargassner brand 

Lowest emissions by highest efficiency, maximum comfort and long lifetime characterise the brand HARGASSNER. Yet, we do not hesitate to scrutinise proven elements of our products to launch better products tomorrow. The emphasis on research and quality management is our modern understanding of tradition.

Designed for projects of all shapes and sizes, the boilers are safe and easy to install and are backed with unrivalled extended warranties, letting customers know they’re in safe hands.

Hargassner facts:

  • Wood Chip, Pellet and Log boilers from 3-800 kW
  • 90,000 Operating boilers
  • 10,000 Boilers per annum
  • 220 qualified employees
  • world - wide operation 
  • UK office