Biomass Boilers
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Our Strengths

We bring experience, expertise, and commitment to all projects we undertake, enabling us to provide you with best-in-class biomass heating solutions.


Our skills

Our team of experts have industry-leading expertise in design and installation, training through to the operation and maintenance of boilers. 

Our reputation for 'delivery' is justified by best in-class expertise demonstrated through hundreds of successful installations EVERY YEAR. We know there is no room for failure. When it comes to heating, we understand that the ability to deliver highly reliable installations is critical. It's critical to us, and it's critical to you. Our ambition is to deliver a high quality and effective boiler and related components, every time.

Hargassner will work with you to deliver a biomass boiler solution using:

  • Proven high quality technology for generating low or medium temperature hot water.
  • A boiler that meets the requirements demanded by your fuel specification
  • Well-designed, safe and easy to use fuel stores with a corresponding fuel delivery mechanism.
  • A boiler and system that meets or exceeds the reuirements of all UK legislation.

Our experience

Hargassner offers in-house design expertise for boiler applications up to 205kw providing heat and hot water for almost any application; from offices, schools, and hospitals to industrial processes.  Our team of skilled commissioning engineers have successfully assisted Renewable Energy Contractors to install hundreds of biomass boilers - EVERY YEAR.

This means that you can tap into the expertise of a biomass specialist who has applied world-leading wood combustion technology to suit UK heating systems. We also offer a nationwide after-sales service including extended warranties, competitively priced Spare Parts and assistance with creating Service & Maintenance Packages to suit any requirement.  This ensures you achieve optimum performance and support and your customer recieves maximum RHI from the boiler throughout its lifetime.

Our reputation for quality and commitment to our clients

Hargassner upholds the highest standards of quality when delivering projects. We value a strong and stable relationship with our clients and shape our approach around your needs. Excellence in project delivery is what we strive for, but our commitment does not stop there. We offer a nationwide after-sales service to ensure that you achieve optimum performance from the boiler throughout its lifetime.

  • It is a key priority for us to have an impeccable after-sales service in place.
  • Because our clients' peace of mind is what we care about most.

We know it's good to share thoughts and are ready to help you.

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